Strategic Technology Grants

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Applications closed March 4, 2024

Grants of up to $50,000 are available to teams of at least three Michigan Engineering instructional faculty and staff members to implement innovative teaching methods and/or tools that require an investment of time/resources and collaboration for deployment that is larger than what is available via Education Innovation Grants. Projects should focus on strategic themes of XR, online/hybrid learning and/or generative artificial intelligence.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

  • Applies a novel method, modality or tool to achieve objectives
  • Reflects innovation in teaching methods or approaches
  • Builds upon evidence-based best practices for enhancing student learning
  • Promotes equitable instruction for all learners
  • If online, leverages the Quality Matters rubric and best practices with online course design and development
  • Implements practices or tools that have the potential for great impact (either large impact on a small population, or be something that could be applied to a larger population at Michigan Engineering)
  • Achieves synergy with goals, strengths, and ongoing work of ADUE, ADGPR, CAEN, CRLT-Engin, Nexus, and/or the broader College of Engineering, especially as it relates to Michigan Engineering’s Strategic Vision

Proposal Submissions

Applicants should prepare a 5 page max proposal (template linked below) that includes the items listed below. Consultation with CRLT-Engin is required before proposal submission. Please reach out to [email protected] to set up a consultation.


Identify your proposal’s strategic theme:

  • Online/hybrid learning
  • Generative artificial intelligence
  • XR

Project Statement

  • Clearly describe the proposed project
  • Explain the value of the project
  • Identify the specific innovation and its relation to evidence-based practices
  • Explain how the project supports equitable instruction and enhanced student learning
  • If online, describe how the course design and development effort will leverage the Quality Matters rubric
  • Discuss the project’s potential for great impact (either large impact on a small population, or be something that could be applied to a larger population within Michigan Engineering or used to help support a future grant)
  • Describe your goals for collaboration with at least one E3 grant sponsor (ADUE, ADGPE, CAEN, CRLT-Engin, and/or Nexus)

Project Evaluation Plan

Explain how the success of this project will be evaluated, documented, and disseminated. Approaches might include midterm course assessments, alignment with a rubric, focus groups, and surveys, among others.

Budget Request

Provide a budget breakdown, which may include:

  • Graduate or undergraduate student salaries
  • Instructional software and classroom technology
  • Materials and supplies
  • Project evaluation expenses
  • Travel and registration fees for teaching-related conferences, seminars or workshops
  • Faculty member summer salary (up to $2K of the project’s total budget)

Team Roster

Provide a list of all team members, with descriptions of their respective roles and very brief bios. Beyond the three Michigan Engineering instructors required for testing and piloting, the team may also include additional instructors and/or staff members.


Submissions are due on Monday, March 4, 2024 with funding decisions announced in April. Upon award, grant recipients are required to meet with CoE grant sponsors to create a collaboration plan.

Available Funding

The E3 grants program will fund, at most, two strategic technology projects (max $100K) in the 2024 – 2025 academic year.

Example Topics

  • Development of an AI tutoring model to support personalized learning in a specific engineering course
  • Design of a series of hybrid/online courses to support an emerging engineering topic
  • Idea for how to have XR improve the leaning experience in your course