Enhancing Engineering Education Grants Program

Page Title: Enhancing Engineering Education Grants Program

The Enhancing Engineering Education Grants Program is designed to support innovative strategies for engaging and supporting all learners in Michigan Engineering undergraduate courses.  This program springs from a collaboration between Mosaic, CAEN, and CRLT-Engin and draws upon the collective problem-solving strategies enacted in the Feedback Engine.  Proposals will be invited across the range of innovations in engineering education, including instructional practices, course design and content, and instructional technology.

Funding Level

Level One

Max $10K (1 year)

Level Two

Max $50K (1 year)

Funding Criteria

Regardless of area of emphasis, proposals for Level One or Two should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Reflect innovation in teaching methods or approaches
  • Build upon evidence-based best practices for enhancing student learning
  • Promote equitable instruction for all learners
  • Implement practices or tools that will impact a large number of Michigan Engineering undergraduate students, with potential for broader application in the college and beyond
  • Achieve synergy with goals, strengths, and ongoing work of CAEN, CRLT-Engin, and/or the broader College


Grants are open to all instructional faculty and staff members in Michigan Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with priority on proposals that impact undergraduate courses. 

Consultation and Evaluation

All submissions will be evaluated by a group composed of CRLT-Engin, CAEN and Mosaic faculty and staff.  Applicants are encouraged to work with a CRLT-Engin consultant when developing their proposal.  Please contact [email protected] for assistance.   

Reporting Requirements

All projects must be completed within one calendar year of receiving funding.  All grant recipients will help disseminate their results by completing a brief web form within three months of the project’s completion, to be publicly displayed on the CRLT-Engin website.  If software or equipment is involved, recipients will provide demonstrations of the technology.