Level Two Grants

Next round of funding to open soon

Applications for E3 grants will open soon, stay tuned for more information.

Grants of up to $50,000 are available to groups of at least three CoE instructional faculty and staff members to support teaching and learning innovations that require a larger investment of time/resources and a larger collaboration for deployment.

Proposal Submissions

Applicants should prepare a 5-page maximum proposal that includes the following items:

Project Statement

  • Clearly describe the proposed project
  • Explain the value of the project
  • Identify the specific innovation and its relation to evidence-based practices
  • Explain how the project supports equitable instruction and enhanced student learning
  • Discuss the project’s potential for application in broader contexts

Applicants should visit the Feedback Engine voting board to share, build upon, or address ideas on teaching and learning.

Additional Criteria

  • The proposal will require a minimum of three Michigan Engineering instructors who will collaborate on testing or piloting the proposed solution.
  • Once funded, enactment of the Level Two project will require collaborative development with the grant sponsors (CRLT-Engin, CAEN, and Mosaic).
  • Proposals should emerge from the Feedback Engine, a Michigan Engineering online voting platform where pressing needs and opportunities in teaching and learning are collectively prioritized. To promote collaboration in engineering education, grant sponsors will seek evidence of an idea’s resonance with the broader Michigan Engineering community.

Engagement with Feedback Engine (at least one)

  • Develop a proposal that addresses a high-priority topic that has already surfaced in Feedback Engine. “High priority” is defined as one of the top vote-getters on the Feedback Engine voting board list. (See the high-priority call for proposals below on digital whiteboards.)
  • Post a challenge/need/concept on the Feedback Engine voting board, and see if others in the Michigan Engineering community vote for this priority.
  • Post a challenge/need/concept on the Feedback Engine voting board, and actively “sell” your idea to others and convince them to vote for this priority.

Evidence of Community Prioritization

Briefly cite the number of votes or the nature/forms of feedback generated on the Feedback Engine platform, as well as any other evidence of your proposal’s resonance with the Michigan Engineering community.

Team Roster

Provide a list of all team members, with descriptions of their respective roles and very brief bios. Beyond the three Michigan Engineering instructors required for testing and piloting, the team may also include additional instructors and/or staff members.

Project Evaluation Plan

Explain how the success of this project will be evaluated, documented, and disseminated. Approaches might include midterm course assessments, focus groups, and surveys, among others.

Budget Request

Provide a budget breakdown, which may include graduate or undergraduate student salaries; software not currently available through CAEN or the University; equipment purchases; materials and supplies; project evaluation expenses; and/or travel and registration fees for teaching-related conferences, seminars or workshops.

*Update: A maximum of $2K of the project’s total funding can be used to support faculty summer salary.

Example Topics

  • Deploy collaborative display technology in a novel classroom (i.e., ThinkHub T1V) to deliver an integrated, interactive learning experience for classroom and remote students simultaneously
  • Develop a novel digital tool to facilitate adaptive, personalized learning in multiple high-enrollment core engineering courses with the potential for application throughout the college and beyond
  • Construct a modular system of shared digital lessons to promote the activation of prior knowledge and review of core concepts for use across a series of departmental courses  
  • Implement novel instructional technology to facilitate virtual or XR-enabled learning in a series of lab courses


The submission period for Level Two proposals has ended. Submissions for the next round of funding will open in July 2023 and will close on October 23, 2023.

High Priority Level Two Grant: Digital Whiteboards

At least one Level Two grant of up to $50,000 will focus on digital whiteboards, with part of the funding dedicated to the purchase of T1V ThinkHub (or comparable) technology in support of the innovation.  This initial call for proposals addresses a high-priority topic that surfaced through Feedback Engine, attracting a substantial number of votes from the Michigan Engineering community in the first few months after the platform’s launch. 

Applicants should adhere to all of the requirements for Level Two funding, with the understanding that engagement with the Feedback Engine platform has already occurred.  


The submission period for Level Two proposals has ended. Submissions for the next round of funding will open in July 2023 and will close on October 23, 2023.