Fluid Dynamics Spotlight Video

The Fluid Dynamics Spotlight is a series of videos meant to broaden participation in fluid dynamics and inspire the next generation of researchers by exposing students to important problems and the diverse set of people who work on them.  Each video will highlight a key contributor to the field of fluid mechanics, introduce their area of expertise, explore their journey to that field, communicate their passion, and discuss the societal importance of their work.  The videos will be created in close collaboration with the highlighted researchers, professionally produced by Michigan Media, and broadly disseminated for use in university-level fluid mechanics classes at U-M and beyond.  This will draw the next generation of researchers toward the field of fluid dynamics, set future research directions within the field by steering students toward work addressing pressing societal issues, and help retain students from underrepresented populations in STEM by highlighting the contributions of a diverse pool of researchers.  Additionally, the first part of each video will be appropriate for high-school students, and the videos will be supplemented with a complete lesson plan that aligns with Next Generation Science Standards.

Project Team

Aaron Towne
Mechanical Engineering


This team received $ 9,600 in funding in the Winter 2023 term.