Engineered to Win: a New Way to Develop Evidence-based Learning for Enhancing Achievement and Broaden Perceptions of Engineering

Engineered to Win is a new materials science and engineering class (MSE 193) that will introduce students to technologies that can regulate athletic performance and achievement, such as tools, apparel, surfaces, and weather conditions.  Building upon the investigator’s co-authored book, Corked: Tales of Advantage in Competitive Sports, and informed by guest speakers and data analytics, the course will examine engineering challenges in a breadth of sports, as well the distinct engagement of players, fans, teams’ organizational leaders, and sports apparel companies around these challenges. 

Several questions will be central: 

  • Can advanced technologies overcome deficiencies among less skilled players, aging players, and other groups?  
  • What difference does it make to have access to elite tools?  
  • How much of an advantage is an advantage?

Based in the new Central Campus Classroom Building (CCCB), this class is designed to bridge the gap between North and Central campus cultures and to potentially recruit more students into engineering studies and particularly the materials science major.  It will target first-year students of all backgrounds.

Project Team

Brian Love
Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Macromolecular Science and Engineering


This team received $ 4,500 in funding in the Winter 2023 term.