A Biometrics Device Design Project in an Introductory Engineering Course to Support Student Wellness

Despite increasing national awareness, there are minimal curricular interventions for the mental health crisis in higher education. This concerning trend is apparent on a national level, with studies indicating that mental health disorders have been rising in prevalence and severity for college students The goal of the project is to scale and assess a novel curriculum developed to impact student attitudes and practices around mental health help seeking and proactive use of campus wellness resources. The curriculum introduces students to concepts of wellness by quantitatively measuring stress with biometric devices. The purpose of the proposed assessment is to understand how undergraduate student wellness can be best supported through curricular interventions that support proactive wellness practices and disrupt inequities in access to mental health and wellness services. Together, these findings will build the foundational research and educational resources to support undergraduate student wellness, both during and after times of crisis, enhance learning, improve retention, and broaden participation.

Project Team

Karin Jensen
Biomedical Engineering


This team received $ 9,514 in funding in the Winter 2023 term.